Implementable solutions

Turnaround Management tackles the most difficult and complex challenges with powerful insight into building and sustaining highly effective organizations. With truly actionable plans, TAM implements what it recommends, so you can achieve tangible results.

True independence

Because TAM is committed solely to executive stakeholders such as the investors, owners and board of directors, TAM has no conflict of interest or need to maintain the status quo. This means that TAM can make the core changes necessary, regardless of how difficult they may be, to set the company in the right direction. TAM has the expertise and experience to break through stagnation that often comes with large, complex and/or political changes.

Methodology for success

TAM has a practical, proven toolset and approaches that cover all essential elements of turnaround management, change management and transformation management—from financial to organizational to strategic—based both on practical implementation expertise and academic validation.

Change for the better

As experts in managing and overcoming resistance to change, Turnaround Management serves as a positive change agent, particularly withwhat are considered “soft” but criticalinternal organizational challenges, such ascorporate cultural differences, political issues, management issues, opposing interest groups, and resistance to change—addressing the root causes head-on.

Practical, effective decision-making process

TAM’s findings and recommendations are solutions determined byevaluating input from employees and customers along with essential company data. And, TAM’s added value is in intelligent interpretation of the information through the eyes of experience and knowledge.

Experience with organizations of all types

Turnaround Management works with all types of organizations—public, private, governmental and non-profit—of all sizes and across a variety of sectors.


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