Is your company:

  • Underperforming or stagnating?
  • Seeking critical change?
  • Growing or declining very quickly?
  • Experiencing internal organizational issues?
  • Unclear on its direction?
  • Seeking outside funding?
  • Merging or divesting?


With expertise and knowledge that come only from years of practical hands-on experience in successful large-scale turnarounds in different geographies and cultures, and proven academic-supported research, we address complex core issues head on, with impartiality, particularly in sensitive organizational situations.


A winning portfolio of services, from financial to strategic, and operational to organizational, to put, and keep your company on track, for maximum outcomes and proven results that speak for themselves. Turnaround Management offers transformation services tailored to each specific enterprise situation…


Do you need Turnaround Management?

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If your organization is experiencing any of the following challenges, TAM may be able to help.

  • Unclear business direction
  • Financial underperformance, distress or stagnation
  • Rapid growth or decline
  • Organizational issues that are impeding success
  • Undertaking critical business development or investment
  • Planned merger, acquisition or divestment
  • Need for outside funding
  • Looking for an exit strategy
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About Turnaround Management

Turnaround Management (TAM) was established to help organizations such as yours achieve their true potential. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of trusted practical hands-on services to CEOs, owners, boards, shareholders and investors to help set and keep medium and large companies, both public and private, on course.

Turnaround Management offers transformation services tailored to each specific enterprise situation, be it a game-changer, such as exponential enterprise growth, dramatic financial underperformance, merger or executive leadership issue, or a more routine situation, such as a divestiture, product evolution challenge or ineffective team dynamics. TAM’s portfolio of integrated services helps put and keep companies on track, with results that speak for themselves.

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