Can retail banking be replaced by a Smartphone app?

How relevant is an expensive branch structure?

Can banks reduce costs while improving customer centricity?


Retail banks will continue to play a key role in the digital banking world, and at TAM Professional Services we believe that the key to success in tomorrow’s world will be the ability to successfully combine an online strategy with local presence. This requires a clear branch transformation strategy, an optimized self-service network and an efficient organization.

At TAM Professional Services we help retail banks realize the best turnaround approach for their organization. We advise, we implement, we manage the change process and we train staff and management for sustainable results.

Transform your branch network and improve your service level at considerable cost savings!

Why us

Branch transformation for a bank is a complex operation with many internal stakeholders and conflicting interests. Here’s why TAM Professional Services is your best option:


  • TAM Professional Services provides expert knowledge and experience to support your strategic decision-making process. We offer extensive experience in turnaround management, working for the last 20 years with leading organizations in the banking, retail and hospitality business, offering proven optimized efficiencies to our customers.
  • TAM Professional Services has brought together a strong team of experts, with a proven track record in retail branch operations, customer centricity programs, cash supply chain optimization and outsourcing services.
  • TAM Professional Services is vendor-independent. We have no conflicting interests and a zero risk of a vendor lock-in or sub optimization.
  • TAM Professional Services are hands on: We identify, implement, deliver and change. We are there to take you to the next step.
  • TAM Professional Services has a team of highly skilled international experts with a proven track record, serving no other interest than yours. We will work hands-on with your people on agreeable deliverables that will truly increase your efficiencies. Our projects provide clear and measurable KPI’s that create a positive ROI for each stage of the project.
A team of experts

Ran Ancho: CEO of TAM .

As CEO of Brink’s in The Netherlands and Belgium, Ran helped banks optimize their branch operations by implementing new innovative services. After introducing the outsourced services concept in the Netherlands and managing nearly half of the entire Dutch self-service network, he was appointed Brink’s Group Global Executive Vice President for Financial Institutions, developing and offering optimization services for leading banks worldwide.

Philippe Rogiest: CEO of EffCo.

EffCo facilitates organizations in defining their strategy, streamlines their organizational structure and processes and improves their performance and customer service. EffCo has over 20 years’ experience in performance optimization projects in retail, banking, hospitality and production. A network of over 500 optimization specialists trained in EffCo’s unique methodology is available in most local languages to work and support your organizations.

Ronald van Vliet: CEO of Transtrack International.

The developer and supplier of CashWebCommunity (CWC), a leading complete cash supply chain software platform for end-to-end cash management, vendor management and reporting. Ronald and his team combine a deep understanding of global cash operations in retail and banking with expertise in technical architecture and software tooling.


TAM Professional Services’ methodology involves the following stages:

Quick scan

Before you decide whether or not to start a project with us, our specialists will analyze your current organizational structure, branch infrastructure, performance levels, operational processes, results etc.  Our experts will work with your people to define which approach best matches your strategic needs, market situation and future developments. This will take approximately two calendar weeks.

We generally identify three waves of branch transformation, depending on timing and strategy:

1. Organizational optimization

We analyze your existing branch network and operations and develop solutions to optimize your results.

After that, we take full responsibility for the change and implementation program and train your people for sustainable results with a continuous improvement methodology.

2. Branch network optimization

We focus on your branch structure and self-service network footprint. Leveraging our technology platform, we apply data analysis to advise on optimized branch locations, ATM locations and efficient processes for quality services.

TAM Professional Services helps design and implement the organizational, operational and technical requirements in order to continuously optimize a cost efficient, scalable and high performance branch network.

3. Outsourcing of activities

Outsourcing allows you to free management attention and resources and dedicate your management and staff to deliver that unique customer experience and generate revenue from new commercial activities. TAM Professional Services facilitates to outsource the management of your cash services and self-service network. We are your partner in all phases of the outsourcing process; We help you to define the scope of the outsourcing activities, search and select the best service partner and support the implementation project. 

T.A.M. optimizes your cash supply chain
Our Strengths
  • Efficient operations
  • Customer centricity
  • Modern branches with superior service level
  • Optimized locations and footprint
  • Continuous optimization
  • Management peace of mind
  • Focus on core business
Proven track record

TAM Professional Services’ team of experts has supported major banks in turning around their organizational model and realizing significant cost savings while maintaining a high service level and keeping full control over their branch operation performance.

Save costs with TAM Professional Services!

Optimization of the branch network footprint, remote management services, help desk services, technical monitoring and vendor management contributed to efficiency improvements and over 25% annual cost savings.

We'd love to share some of our success stories with you, contact us!
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