A major concern for any bank, retailer or any other organization with financial assets and sensitive locations is crime prevention. But it’s a well-known reality that when protecting locations, people, goods and valuables, security measures often address the last incident, the crime that already occurred. Imagine having the knowledge to anticipate and predict future attacks and thefts so you can take the measures needed to prevent the next incident!

TAM  is proud to introduce PointGuard – a new cutting-edge technology-based crime prevention service.

The majority of organized crime and criminal activity is planned well in advance. Criminals prepare well and study the targeted object and locations before they execute an attack or theft. Early detection of criminal preparations provides you with vital information about where and when the next crime will take place, who is involved and how to apply your security measures and capacity to prevent it.

PointGuard constantly analyzes vast amounts of cellular information, and uses big data algorithms to identify suspicious patterns and to generate alerts. In addition, banks, retailers and any other entity under protection can benefit from the advantages of this state-of-the-art technology without capital investment, IT implementations or organizational impact.

PointGuard can be used in collaboration with Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) enabling them to produce lists of possible suspects to prevent a prospective crime and as a post-crime analysis tool (subject to relevant country laws)

How it works
  • PointGuard customers define relevant monitored areas.
  • No physical installations or software implementations are required.
  • PointGuard needs to learn behavior, patterns and aggregate data from the relevant areas, and reaches full capability for a specific area within just a few weeks of calibration.
  • The software continuously learns and processes real time big data.
  • PointGuard identifies suspicious patterns and generates alerts.
  • Alerts are sent directly to the organization:
    • Area name/ID
    • Alert description
    • Any additional insight that caused the alert to be generated
Data privacy

The PointGuard service complies with all local legal requirements and confidentiality regulations:

  • Limited to usage patterns in specific locations.
  • To ensure privacy, the data itself is inaccessible to system users.
  • Personal identifiers are not part of the analyzed data.


A team of experts

Wave Guard Technologies‘ expertise is extracting and analyzing big data information from cellular networks and providing real time, advanced insights and analysis tools for various customers and markets. Our Tracer product already tracks tens of millions of subscribers worldwide and is field proven. The company has several patents approved and additional patents pending.

Mr. David Shaul is the Co-Founder & CEO of Wave Guard. David brings over 20 years of senior management experience in the telecommunications industry. Before co-founding Wave Guard, David lead the Radio Network & Terminals Engineering team at Israel’s largest cellular operator, Partner Communications. Previously, he was VP Operations at Gilat Communications, and held senior positions in Motorola’s cellular division. David holds a B.Sc EE from New Haven, CT University and an MBA.


Ability provides state-of-the-art interception and decryption solutions that serve the needs and ever-increasing challenges of security and intelligence agencies, military forces, police and homeland security services around the world.

Ability was founded in 1993 by a team of experts in military intelligence and communications who were joined by specialists in electronics and mathematics.

CEO Mr. Anatoly Hurgin joined the company from its early stage.

Ability was recently merged into US Nasdaq-listed company Cambridge Capital Acquisition Corporation.

PointGuard advantages
  • Identifies suspicious patterns and generates alerts to prevent future crime.
  • Based on proven technology.
  • Service offering: all benefits of a proven and powerful tool without capital investment.
  • No physical installations or software implementation required.
  • 24/7 Monitoring.
  • Direct notification to any organization working to further monitor and prevent crime.
  • Compliant with all data privacy regulations.
  • Ideal for use in collaboration with law enforcement agencies.
Proven technology

The PointGuard service is based on extensively used proven technology that currently monitors tens of millions of subscribers around the globe and has several approved patents registered.


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